Time for Thai Massage is an exceptional massage service in  Breakspear Pharmacy Ashford,              Providing a superior Thai massage service to bring healing, love and joy to all people in the community, enhancing their health, happiness, and wellness of body, mind and spirit achieving a balance of all three. 


            My mission is to provide my clients peace, relaxation, and well-being of body, mind and spirit through the healing power of Traditional Thai Massage.


            My services:

                   Traditional Thai Massage (Strong, without oil). 

                   Deep Tissue Massage (Strong, can be with oil or without oil).

                   Aromatherapy oil Massage (Relaxing) Female only.

                   Thai Foot Reflexology Massage.




                    £20 per 30 Minutes. 

                    £35 per 60 Minutes. 

                    £50 per 90 Minutes. 

                    £65 per 120 Minutes.


                Please book your appointment by call, text or e-mail.

                Contact Koi on 0753 440 3793. Private number will not answer.





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#4 By: Barry P [IP:]
As a keen sportsman I have tried numerous masseuses with limited success until I came accross "Time for Thailand". I found the service friendly, well priced and very informative helping me prevent injury and manage general muscle fatigue.

Years of experience and a background in Thai Kickboxing means the deep tissue is very effective at releasing knots and getting your body back in peak condition.

Environment is comfortable and relaxing
#5 By: Frank [IP:]
I have been going for a few months for a regular Saturday massage. I had two prolapsed discs and ever since then have tried to maintain my back and keep healthy. Koi knows exactly what to do and I am so impressed with her I took my parents for their first ever Thai Massage last Saturday. Both have back problems but after they had been they felt amazing and can't wait to come back again.
#6 By: Michael Metcalfe [IP:]
Hi have been seeing Koi now for only my 4th session and treatment she has helped with my 3 collapsed discs in lower back and injured shoulder no end. I do a lot of driving as an area sales manager so her help has been fantastic.

I am very pleased and lucky that I found Koi not only is she very pleasant her professionalism and art of call it healing, has been invaluable to me and being local, value for money is also an added bonus too.

I will continue to see Koi until I have improved even more and even then, I will keep receiving treatment from her to keep my issues at bay. I can whole heartedly recommend you try her if you are, were in as much discomfort as I was.
#7 By: Please read this update [IP:]
I am writing this additional comment, review and it gives me great pleasure to do so.

I have been seeing Koi now for over a year and a half and will continue to see her until and if see sadly decides not to work her wonderful healing hands, feet any longer.

When I first started my healing process with Koi I was swallowing 8/10 Tramadol and Paracetamol pain killers on a regular daily basis to help to stem the pain that I had, now I take 2/3 of each only if I feel a twing! my experience has been amazing so, if any of you out there has pain and considering being treated by Koi although she herself will not make any promises, she will help you enormously.

What is amazing is, it took the traditional medical establishment with the aid of an MRI scan machine to tell them which of my discs were shot and at fault, all it took Koi was using her bare hands to tell me the same thing.
#8 By: Michael Jeffrey Metcalfe [IP:]
I am now getting better and better due to Koi's invaluable skills, she is "Amazing" again I am so glad that I googled and found her.

Koi's words "I just want to make you feel better and you have no pain makes me feel good".

A massive thank you Koi.

Mike Metcalfe
#9 By: Carl Springett [IP:]
If you want to get better then see this lady, what Koi doesn't know isn't worth knowing.
#10 By: Michael Metcàlfe [IP:]
Koi is simply amazing
#11 By: Mia Sterner [IP:]
If you have any kind of muscular problems, Koi may be the answer you have been looking for. She is amazing and I keep telling her she has magic hands! She has helped me with my "Golfers elbow" and my Plantar Fasciitis. Don't listen to the doctors that say "just rest it and take painkillers", make an appointment with Koi! She has changed my life and I am forever grateful!!!
#12 By: Michael Metcalfe [IP:]
Suffering from disc, back, shoulder, neck problems? then suffer no more this is my third statement? about Koi and the wonderful work that she has done for me and a good few other people that were suffering aches and serious pain.

She has a very special attribute, talent and gift I would call it to alleviate discomfort and pain by feeling the problem area's with her bare little hands (don't let that fooled they have enormous strength) I must admit you can ache after one of her sessions but that is all part and parcel of her treatment after a couple of days this begins to wares off and you start to fell much better for it.

I am very thankful that I found her and prices for her treatment is value for money.

Thank you again Koi.
Michael Metcalfe
#13 By: Michael Metcalfe [IP:]
Hi everyone,
First of all Koi gets a 5 Star rating from me. Koi as someone other person's have said has Magic hands and amazing.

If you have any sort, kind of muscular pain doesn't matter where I am very confident that Koi can help you, please don't expect it to happen overnight although could (well) be possible.

Her service is certainly value for money also, to explain is use to go to a chiropractor in Twickenham and they charged £40:00 longest I was ever in chair getting treatment was 15 minutes so there!.

Without doubt I can recommend Koi without hesitation.

Good luck.
Thanks again Koi see you tomorrow 20 /04/2018
#14 By: Pat Brady, 21/5/2018 [IP:]
My sciatica, which started years ago from rowing, and was being kept under control with visits to a chiropractor, returned with a vengeance last November after too much DIY and exercise. (note to self: pensioners should take it more carefully). The pain extended down to my foot, and I was taking all the pain-killers the NHS would offer. A friend even suggested Cannabis. Koi was recommended by another friend, already one of Koi's patients. I have been to her since February, and she is gradually releasing the trapped nerves. I can now, in May, walk without a stick, and fully expect to be cured soon. Thank you Koi. Your smile cheers me up at every visit!
#15 By: Kayleigh [IP:]
Koi has helped me with my back pain no end! I am a beautician and I am tall so I spend my days hunched over a nail desk or treatment bed. Koi knew exactly where my problem was without me saying anything and my back has never felt better since seeing her. Lovely lady who helps so many, Thankyou koi


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